Month: April 2013

Kistler Group and MTS team up to improve road simulation technology

Kistler, a manufacturer of sensors measuring pressure, strength, torque and acceleration, has just announced that it has just signed a cooperation agreement with MTS Systems Corporation, a leading supplier of high-performance testing systems and position sensors. This partnership will benefit both companies and increase their already proven capabilities, combining MTS innovations in road simulation systems with Kistler's expertise and leadership in wheel strength sensors. Under the terms of the agreement, MTS plans to phase out its long-standing Swift WFT product line and already offers customers a choice between its Swift products and Kistler's RoaDyn products for both on-road acquisition and bench simulation. This collaboration will be truly beneficial in the long term for both companies as it supports MTS's SWIFT dynamometric wheel products and provides unlimited updates with Kistler's automotive force sensor technology. Preparations are already well advanced for the transfer of MTS calibration, repair, and technical support services to Kistler by 2015 Kistler will need to continue to manage the MTS SWIFT dynamometric wheel product line throughout its life cycle, and continue technical consolidation of both MTS products and its own RoaDyn systems. , for a long time. This agreement demonstrates the continued involvement of MTS and Kistler in the challenge of on-road simulation techniques and will allow both companies to focus their efforts on increasingly demanding road safety research and innovation. Read more:

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