JT Estimating measurement uncertainties - First step

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All day (Tuesday)(GMT+01:00)


Paris Novotel Gare de Lyon

2 rue Hector Merlot 75012 Paris

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Along with metrological traceability, measurement uncertainties are one of the two essential pillars of metrology. In addition to quantifying the level of certainty we have about a measurement result, controlling uncertainties also enables us to gain detailed knowledge of the parameters influencing a result, and their respective weights. They are therefore the best way to control your measurement process. The formalism and methods that can sometimes put some people off should not hide the simple fact that a measurement result is inherently variable, and that this variability can be easily understood.
Through didactic presentations, illustrative examples and practical work, this Technical Day aims to give you the starting point for approaching the estimation of uncertainties in an accessible and uncomplicated way.