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CEM in brief

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CEM: the French reference for communicating with professionals in metrology , non-destructive testing , tomography , optics-photonics and instrumentation .

Our numbers

  • 4 issues / year + 1 HS metrology
  • 1 website ( updated every day
  • 1 base of 18,000 qualified contacts compliant with the GDPR

  • 8,000 copies / issue + extra broadcasts on the main events in the sector.

Our readers

Our readers work in all sectors of activity : automotive, aeronautics, rail, agrifood, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Main functions of our readers:

  • Technique

  • Production / methods

  • Metrology / Tests

  • R&D

  • Maintenance
  • Environmental quality

  • Laboratories

  • Executive management

  • Other

Our partners

Partners who participate in the quality and professionalism of our supports

TESTIA, an Airbus company - Transport
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impression en 3D - Illustration
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CEM supports you in setting up your webinars and receives your file of qualified leads .


The webinar has proven its effectiveness in exchanging with your customers and contacts and promoting your products and your expertise.

In the particular context we are experiencing, we have developed an adapted offer that takes place in three phases :

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100% satisfied customers

1. Promotion

  • banner on the Contrôles Essais Mesures website
  • sending invitations
  • posts on our social networks
  • technical support
  • creation of the sound identity of your webinar (exclusive!)

2. Procedure

  • repetitions
  • animation by a professional journalist
  • hosting of the webinar on a platform made in France
  • organization of questions / answers
  • integration of your data flows (slides, video, pdf, etc.)

3. Monitoring

  • participation statistics
  • enriched file of leads and their participation
  • provision of the replay (to increase the audience)

Why consult us ?

  • you benefit from the richness of our qualified database (subscribers and contacts of our various promotional actions)
  • we are experts in communication and established communication links
  • you associate with our established brand image
  • 100% of our satisfied customers

We offer you a turnkey offer .
You take care of the content, we take care of the rest!

The strong points

  • complete organization of your event
  • full report and qualified files
  • replay
  • extract of some sequences for your post webinar promotion


Product launch, strategic takeover, presentation of results, new teams to discover, promotion of an event, etc. There are many opportunities to use a video campaign ...

Our teams now produce short videos perfectly suited to digital communication. In the field, in “blog or vlog” mode, with professional, light and non-invasive equipment, we come to meet you to collect your information. You speak, we take care of everything else!

Discovery offer

1 video, short format (2-3 minutes). Includes:

  • shooting at a common place (living room type)
  • assembly and inlay of explanatory elements
  • integration into the Contrôles Essais Mesures site's information
  • streaming the video on the Contrôles Essais Mesures file

Price: 1,800 euros HT
Watch an example

Premium offer

Discovery offer +

  • possibility of filming several interlocutors at the shooting location
  • HD file supply
  • Written and synchronized transcription of the dialogues (subtitling type)

Price: 2,500 euros HT
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Offers info

1 video, long format (depending on the length of the interview). Includes:

  • video interview on a topic defined together by a Contrôles Essais Mesures journalist
  • editing by the journalist who conducted the interview
  • HD file supply
  • integration into the Contrôles Essais Mesures site's information
  • streaming the video on the Contrôles Essais Mesures file
  • written summary of the interview in Contrôles Essais Mesures and link to the video filmed

Price: 4,500 euros HT
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Display device - Sports venue

Check out our examples!

Optional for all offers

  • Ile-de-France travel: 150 € HT
  • travel in France and abroad: on estimate
  • white label (except info offer) (replacement of the logo and free references in the end credits): € 1,650 excl.
  • cross-distribution of the publisher (use of the Cosmetic Industries journal database): € 1,200 excl.
  • translation and subtitling of discovery or premium offers: € 1,000 excl.
  • translation and subtitling of the info offer: € 1,500 excl.
  • sound elements with copyright payment: on estimate


Do you want to support our readers on a daily basis? Discover our offer dedicated to podcasts.
This new form of communication guarantees you attentive listening to quali fi ed listeners.

All broadcast formats are possible: interview, round table, report ...

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Take part in the podcast revolution!

Access offer

1 exclusive participation in a podcast organized by the editorial staff. Registration at a common place (lounge type). Maximum duration: 15 minutes

  • interview on defined themes (editorial type)
  • editing and mixing
  • broadcast on the main podcast platforms (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Deezer, etc.)
  • integration into the information of the associated journal website

Launch price: 1,500 euros HT
???? Listen to an example

Round table offer

Same as the access + offer

  • maximum duration: 60 minutes
  • organization of a round table in a Parisian location
  • 5 max interlocutors at the microphone at the same time - 1 host (journalist Contrôles Essais Mesures)
  • transcript of the report in Contrôles Essais Mesures

Price: 2,500 euros HT
???? Listen to an example

Report offer

Same as the access + offer

  • Ile-de-France trips
  • interviews with several speakers
  • journalist gaps between interviews (optional)

Price: € 3,000 excluding tax
???? Listen to an example

Optional for all offers

  • Ile-de-France travel: 150 € HT
  • travel in France and abroad: on estimate
  • white label (your own podcast): € 1,650 excl.
  • French translation: € 1,000 excl.
  • English translation: € 1,500 excl.
  • additional minutes: on estimate depending on duration
  • sound elements with copyright payment: on estimate

Advertising web

Want simple and effective communication? Take advantage of our web options.

Sponsored content

Be visible all the time in the first part of the homepage.
Ideal for downloading white papers, registering for conferences, presenting a new product ...

Product design - Product

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  • The publication of the news as a classic news of the site
  • Sending news to our database (identical to our morning news
Vector graphics - the Internet

A web address and dozens of communication possibilities


Be visible all the time and for a long time ...
All banner formats are possible: banner, rectangle, square, skyscrapper ...

Product design - Brand
Product design - Brand

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  • The publication of the rotating banner on our site (see second screenshot)
  • Optional: fixed location in the site header (under our menus) (see first screenshot)
  • Optional: fixed display inside the site
  • Optional: display at the end of each article
  • Post campaign statistics


Take up as much space as possible ...
Take advantage of the margins of fixed screens!

Product design - Brand

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  • The publication of the skin (wallpaper / skin) on all the pages of the site
  • Post campaign statistics

Access technical specifications

Subscription and “Market Showcases”

Your space on our site
Be at home!

Advertising online - Brand
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - South Korea

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  • Your logo on the home page
  • Your showcase (presentation of the company, contact details, contact form, documents to download, etc.)
  • Publishing articles on your behalf


Take advantage of our databases
Communicate widely!

communication - Marketing


  • the integration of your html file on our platforms
  • sending your message to our entire qualified database (subscribers, visitors, etc.)
  • statistics of your campaign

Interested in either of these possibilities?

Call Céline Dewaele on '33 (0)6 07 56 65 02
or make an appointment for a video conference!