Contrôles Essais Mesures (CEM) is the review of control technologies and applications for laboratories and industry.
Every quarter and since the beginning of the 2000s, it supports you in your missions to ensure the technological and scientific watch of the control, test and measurement professions.

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A review is above all an exchange. Exchange between the publisher and the readers, between the publisher and the actors of the profession. We will be happy to send you the 2022 media kit if you ask us. We will have the opportunity to start our exchange, just between you and us...

CEM: your partner for communicating with professionals in metrology, non-destructive testing, electronics, optics-photonics and instrumentation.

- reliable and comprehensive information, provided by an editorial team composed of specialists and experts, validated by the industry's leading partners.
A permanent evolution of the magazine that opens up to all current topics (artificial intelligence, blockchain, RA, automatisms...)
- a highlight of your products and services, in a layout that allows the reader to go directly to the information he is looking for.
A reactive team that listens to you (writing, advertising, marketing, graphic design).
A specialized news website.
Multi-support communication to take advantage of all channels of exchange: print magazine, web info, videos on social networks...).

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