Questions about metrology

In a few minutes, you will know everything about the essentials of metrology, the science of measurement. Whether in a company or in a laboratory, metrology is essential to the proper functioning of our systems.

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In this new episode, we offer you the opportunity to listen in full to the roundtable discussion held at the MFC's general assembly at the end of March 2020. The time was confined and this general assembly as well as the round table were held thanks to the video conference. This explains the few sound failures that you can hear sometimes...

Cosimi Corleto from CFM and Stil Marposs, Jean-Clair Ballot from the University of Southern Paris, Caroline Chmieliewski from the Central Laboratory of the Police Prefecture, Antonio Mazzei from Métro-logix and David Vasty from Trescal were virtually all present to discuss the evolution of the metrology professions. All spoke under the watchful eye of Sandrine Gazal and Jérôme Lopez for the CFM

An overview of the upcoming International Metrology Congress. A program hosted by Sandrine Gazal, Director of the French College of Metrology with the help of the two co-chairs: Jenny Hully (NPL) and Daniel Jullien (Digiplant consulting). More information on

Creative Metrology is the subject of a working group within the French College of Metrology. Jérôme Lopez, technical director of the CFM, explains what Creative Metrology is and how it could change the future of our systems...

What kind of question is that? Well, the answers are provided by Jérôme Lopez, technical director of the French College of Metrology (CFM). In less than 5 minutes, you will know everything about this tool that has become indispensable in Industry 4.0