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Eddyfi Technologies offre un portfolio diversifié d’appareils d’inspection non destructifs tels que des sondes, appareils et logiciels pour l’inspection de composantes critiques dans des industries-clés, notamment dans l’industrie énergétique, aérospatiale et nucléaire. Par son esprit entrepreneurial, sa passion pour la science et la technologie, et en positionnant le client au cœur de ses préoccupations, Eddyfi Technologies oeuvre dans plus de 110 pays et emploie près de 500 personnes. L’entreprise compte actuellement dix centres d’excellence et bureaux de ventes partout sur la planète.

Eddyfi Technologies provides non-destructive inspection technologies most advanced in the world and supports original equipment manufacturers, infrastructure owners and companies of services in improving productivity in the environmental protection and in occupational health and safety.

Its mission is to push the limits of advanced nondestructive control by combining a variety of inspection techniques and investing heavily in product development. Eddyfi Technologies posse of a diverse non-destructive inspection equipment portfolio such as sensors, devices and software for critical components inspection in key industries, including the energy industry, aerospace and nuclear.

For his entrepreneurial spirit, his passion for science and technology, and positioning the customer at the heart of its concerns, Eddyfi Technologies operates in more than 110 countries and employs nearly 500 people. The company currently has ten centers of excellence and sales offices around the world, which are exclusively composed of experts in non-destructive testing.

3425 Pierre-Ardouin
Quebec, Quebec G1P 0B3

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