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HIKMICRO a pour mission de faire passer les produits thermiques des marchés de niche aux marchés de masse afin de créer un monde sûr et prospère. Fondée en 2016, HikMicro se spécialise dans la conception, le conditionnement et les tests de SoC avec la technologie MEMS comme compétence principale. Elle propose des détecteurs thermiques, des cœurs, des modules, des caméras et des solutions globales de pointe. L’entreprise compte plus de 600 employés et possède 73 brevets au dernier décompte, dispose également d’une usine stérile de 800m² et une salle blanche de production MEMS de 8 pouces.

New to the market, HikMicro uses thermal technology to help the world see in a new way. Thermal technology can detect more than the average visual camera. This means that it can be useful for a wide range of applications, even outside of the most obvious security applications; from identifying the source of a heat leak to detecting an animal in dense forests.

Born in 2016, HikMicro is dedicated to the development of thermal cameras for security purposes and is one of the few developers and manufacturers of a thermal sensor. The company has identified different markets with its own product requirements and expectations, which these thermal products could meet. Because thermal technology can have strong applications in the electrical/building and outdoor maintenance markets, these products are now offered to this wider range of customers.

HikMicro offers a series of portable thermography devices capable of detecting temperature changes even in hard-to-reach areas. This makes it ideal for applications such as checking for heat waste and identifying electrical defects that could cause equipment malfunction or even fire. They can be used in different scenarios such as electrical installation, plumbing and CVC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning). HikMicro offers the most affordable thermal imaging camera for these applications, with additional benefits of a wide temperature range, sensitivity and ease of use.

There is also a range of HikMicro products designed for outdoor enthusiasts. These provide the latest tracking technology using thermal imaging that captures an animal's thermal signature even where the eye or a visible lens cannot.

At HikMicro, we are proud to evolve our technologies to better meet the needs of our customers. With our thermal technology providing various solutions in the security sector, we realized that it could also be useful for a wider group of customers. We are delighted to be able to usdle a new era in our development in these markets and look forward to offering them innovative solutions.

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