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Olympus propose des produits et des services destinés à soutenir les experts industriels et scientifiques dans leurs actions en santé et sécurité des individus. Les solutions industrielles comprennent des systèmes de microscopie pour la science des matériaux, des endoscopes industriels, ainsi que des analyseurs à rayons X et des systèmes pour les procédures de test non destructives. Parmi les leaders de systèmes de microscopie, Olympus propose des solutions qui font partie du quotidien scientifique des cliniques, des laboratoires, de l’enseignement et de la recherche.

Olympus offers products and services designed to support industrial and scientific experts in their actions in the health and safety of individuals. Industrial solutions include microscopy systems for materials science, industrial endoscopes, as well as x-ray analyzers and systems for non-destructive test procedures. Among the leaders in microscopy systems, Olympus offers solutions that are part of the daily scientific life of clinics, laboratories, education and research.

Industrial microscopes incorporate many complex systems designed to improve the resolution and contrast of samples.
The Olympus line of microscopes take advantage of exceptional optical performance and a variety of accessories for a multitude of analytical applications. The combination of our digital cameras and software ensures streamlined workflows and solutions
versatile for image acquisition, measurement and reporting, grain, particle analysis and many other applications.

The wide range of ultrasonic and eddy current flaw detectors with advanced features lends itself to a variety of applications, including weld inspection, detection of cracks, voids, pores or other types of internal irregularities in different materials such as metals, composites, plastics and ceramics.

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