Behind the scenes: transcriptions of our podcasts

In these times of confinement, it's time to think creatively. Our editorial teams are mobilized as never before to bring you exclusive, quality content.

One of the new features of these times of health and economic crisis is our new daily podcast "3 questions to...". Each day, we ask a player in your field to explain how he or she operates during containment, and what new tools have been put in place.

It is possible to view the transcript...

It's time to take the plunge and let you in on one of our productivity secrets. For some "big interviews", you can read the written version in our magazines. In the latest issue of Contrôles Essais Mesures, you can read what French President Emmanuel Macron had to say. You'll also find interviews with the directors of trade shows, professional organizations and so on. These written interviews are first and foremost oral. And we put them through the sieve of artificial intelligence to produce a complete and faithful transcription. An audio file is transformed into a text file, and our journalists save a lot of time writing their articles!
We tested dozens of services, from those offered by the GAFAs to new start-ups. And our choice fell on Our main criterion: acuity of recognition. And Sonix came out on top. Another criterion was price. The value for money offered by Sonix remains unrivalled today. Other appreciated services include the solution's ease of use and ergonomics. Here again, nothing to complain about. You can access the text and "see" the audio recognition in action. Handy for correcting unknown words or misinterpreted parts...
So you know a little about what we do behind the scenes, and the tips our editorial team uses to bring you content in a variety of formats.

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